8mm Aquatec Marine & Industrial Ropes

8mm Aquatec Marine & Industrial Ropes

Ø8mm Donaghys Aquatec Ropes

Ø8mm = 1110 kilo break load

Blended p/e & p/p, giving the good handling of p/e & the strength of p/p.


* Marine,Fishing,Rural, Heavy Industries

* Truck Ropes, Nets, Ladder Ropes, Foot Ropes.

* Blasting mats, Car tow ropes, Air sea rescue lines, Slings.

* Control ropes, Head lines, Ducting draw lines.


* Abrasion & Shock load resistant

* High strength to weight ratio

* UV resistant with excellent weathering properties

* Not affected by water & does not absorb water

* Excellent Knotting & Splicing

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